The boy in my mind

The boy in my mind

Is someone most people never get to see

When I talk about him

Everyone is in disbelief

Some call me crazy

Others call him a lie

But if you look closely you can see

The darkness in our eyes

He sits and waits

For inspiration

To come out and play

And keep up his reputation

Most days he stays silent

Other days he takes over

Some say its just depression

Others say its bipolar

He’s a voice in my head

The person I’ve always wanted to be

But he likes it better if we keep our separate personalities

It’s a game we play, day by day

He says “Hi” then I ask him to come out and stay.

I have to go now “he always says”

Leaving me in a place of dread

Skies clouded with depression

But I look to the sky and feel hope.

But then everything goes back to shit

And I go back to sit and mope.

He comes back and says “don’t cry”

I ask why and he says “because we can just get high”

Good idea I think at the time

On my way to the dealer, counting every nickel and dime

He knows the danger excites

So he tells me to go run out into the night

“do a bunch of crazy shit” he says “It’ll be alright”

“A night of destruction is just what you need”

I say “Thank you” and “please never leave”

Once an enemy, now a good friend

One day he’ll tell me when it can all just end.

So until that day I live in sin

Taking directions from my imaginary twin.